ST 603 DR


  • For Seaming & Hemming of Light to Heavy Weight fabrics such as PP/PE Woven cloth.
  • For Sews over the Belt on the Container Bags.
  • For Top Sewing on the Container Bags.
  • Filler cords from top & from below can be Stitched for Sealing Needle punctures.

Technical Details

Max. speed (R.P.M) Approx. 2000
Working speed Approx. 1800 R.P.M. (Depends on Sewing Material)
Stitch Range(100mm) 7-13
Sewing Capacity(mm) upto 12 mm
Needle Size DN * 2 28(organ)
No. of Needle One
No. of Thread two
Thread Type PP, Multifilament Yarn, Fabricatred Yarns, Jute, cotton
Lubrication Semi Automatic
Motor 1 H.P. 1 or 3 phase 1425-2850 RPM