ST 802 UFC


  • Specially designed for sewing filling and discharging spout for container bags. Most suitable for skirt bags.
    (Filler cords from top & from below can be stitched for sealing needle punctures).

Technical Detail

Max. speed (R.P.M.)Approx. 2700
Working speed Approx. 1600 R.P.M. (Depends on Sewing Material)
Switch Range(100 mm) 11-16
Sewing Capacity(mm) Upto 8 mm
Needle Size DN * 2 26(Organ / Groz-Beckert)
No. of Needle One
No. of Thread Two
Thread Type Multi Filament, Fabricatred Yarns
Lubrication Automatic
Motor 1 H.P. 1 or 3 Phase 1425-2850 RPM