AS 800 ATC

Special Features:

  • Sturdy, Rigid, Easy to operate and efficient bag closing machine for closing mouths of filled bags.
  • In industries like fertilizers, sugar rice / flour,cattle / poultry feed, powder milk etc.
  • Moving parts in main housing totally sealed against dirt, dust and foreign particles.
  • The stitch width isb adjustable from 5m to 9mm.
  • Provision of a variable speed pulley allows easy synchronization with an existing conveyor.
  • Ease of inspection and maintenance is ensured bu simple mechanism.
  • Capable of stitching filled bags of all kinds like H>D>P.E., PP, Jute, Polyjute, Hessian & Craft paper bags with synthetics of cotton thread.
  • Special designed pedestal column for dual head system.
  • Single / Double needle , two four thread, chain stitch heavy duty automatic bag closing machine with auto start, stop & auto thread cutting system with automatic bag infeed devices.
  • Automatic bag infeed device for plain sewn closure on PP .PE Woven cloth bags & paper bags.
  • The upper edge of the stack is smoothed by two V-Belts running in opposite direction & is positively transported the bags to the sewing machine.
  • In feed speed standard 10 M / Min. while ordered specify conveyor speed.


Model AS 800 ATC AS 802 ATC
No. of Needle/strong> Single Double
Seam Double thread chain stitch Four thread chain stitch
Speed 800 900 Bags / hr 800 900 Bags / hr
Stitch Width 5-9 mm 5-9 mm
Needle DR * 2 26(Orgen/Groze-Beckert) DR * 2 26(Orgen)
Start / Stop Photo – Switch Photo – Switch
Cutter Type Air Cylinder Driven Guillotine Cutter
Air Pressure 6 kg / Cm2 Photo – Switch
Air Consumption 250 lit. / min 250 lit. / min
Photo Cell Range Upto 500 mm Upto 500 mm
Cutter Type 0.25 H.P., 3 Phase, 4 Pole
Drive Motor For sewing Head 0.5 H.P., 3 phase
Conveyor 1 H.P., 3 Phase
For sewing Head 0.5 H.P., 3 phase
Conveyor 1 H.P., 3 Phase
Conveyor Slat Or Belt Type Slat Or Belt Type
Lubrication System Auto Lubricating Pump Auto Lubricating Pump