ST 6001 SUF


  • Designed for Big Bag production to sew overlock and safety stitches simultaneously
  • Feeding of Filler cord from above and below
  • Upper and lower feed


  • For even matched side seams(Overedging with safety stitch)on very heavy container bag.
  • Made of Woven polypropylene fabrics

Technical Detail

Model ST 6001 SUF
Max. speed R.P.M. 1600 rpm
Working speed R.P.M. 1400 Depending on Sewing Material
Stitch Range 6-13 mm
Sewing Capacity 18 mm
Overseam Width 10 mm & 17 mm
Maximum Stitch Width 22 mm
Needle UY9853GA 400/33,430/34 UY9848GS 300/29 (Groz-Beckert)
Motor 1 H.P., 2800 RPM