FIBC Jumbo Bag Sewing Machine 6006 UDDR


  • Designed for Big Bag production
  • Filler cord from top and bottom
  • Double transport from above and below for heavy to light weight fabrics.
  • Available with pedestal type stand and table for easy stitching of bigbags
  • Available with pneumatic prassure foot lifting system.


  • For even matched side seams on heavy weight fabrics
  • Application for all seams on container bags.
  • Side seams,inserting top cover, attaching filling & discharging spout with filler cord from top & bottom

Technical Detail

Model ST 6006 UDDR-1 ST 6006 UDDR-2
Max. speed (R.P.M.) 1800 rpm 1800 rpm
Working speed R.P.M. 1600 depending on sewing machine 1600 depending on sewing machine
Switch Range(100 mm) 6-13 6-13
Sewing Capacity(mm) 15 mm 18 mm
Needle UY 9848 GS 300/120 Groz Beckert UY 9848 GS 300/120 Groz Beckert
Lubrication Manual Manual
Motor 1 H.P., 2800 RPM 1 H.P., 2800 RPM