For FIBC/Big Bag


  • This machine is designed to glue the PE liner(Inner liner)into the big bag by hot melt glue system./li>
  • The mechanical motorised spreading arms ensure that the inner liner is evenly spread into all four corners of the bog bag without forming wrinkles.
  • You can adjust the arms of the machine according to the size of the bag by motorised system.
  • We do not supply the hot melt glue system and spray gun but it can be easily found in the market.
  • Blowing system by air blower.

Specification: Power Consumption: Space Required:
Bag width 125 cm * 125 cm 380v 50hz 3 Phase Length : 460 em
Bag Length 200 cm Connected load 1.5 Kw. Width : 110 em
Output23 bags/min. Power Consumption 1.1 Kw. Height : 180 em